The Shadowspect team is very interdisciplinary, and this has proven essential for creating a well-designed game that is also a robust assessment, and which aligns with standards and can be adopted by teachers and students. Our team includes members with expertise in game design, assessment design, learning analytics, research methods, software development, and practitioner partnerships. We value having all of these perspectives influence the design of the game-based assessment system, and have been working together since early in the concepting phase. We believe this is a key way of integrating disciplines to enable our tool and research to have the most impact.

Thanks to everyone who has worked on the Shadowspect project:

  • YJ Kim
  • Louisa Rosenheck
  • Brandon Hanks
  • Philip Tan
  • Jose Ruiperez-Valiente
  • Raha Moussavi
  • Annie Wang
  • Eric Klopfer
  • Fire Hose Games